Verdicorp's Turbo Expanders


Renewable energy power generation:

Verdicorp has developed a range of oil-free turbo expanders used for converting low grade heat into useful electrical power. The expanders are used in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, where heat that normally goes to waste, is captured and converted back into power. This system helps reduce energy costs by utilizing existing heat streams and converting the lower grade heat into useful work, and improving the overall  equipment efficiency.

Verdicorp’s ORC Expander has been designed to improve ORC systems overall efficiencies, while lowering maintenance and operating costs.

Sustainable Energy Efficiency:

Installing energy efficient equipment is very important to any plant, however retaining that efficiency in a sustainable way is even more important. Conventional oil lubricated systems drop off in efficiency over time as parts start to wear. By contrast, Verdicorp's oil-free system, with magnetic bearings have no mechanical friction and efficiencies can be maintained over the entire life of the system.

Verdicorp systems range from 20kWe to over 3MWe:

Verdicorp expanders come in sizes ranging from 20kWe through to 115kWe Gross output, and because of their oil-free nature, they can be configured into systems all the way up to 3MWe and more.

The limiting factor is not technical, but is limited by your own imagination.

Verdicorp’s world proven oil-free magnetic bearing, soft-starting,¬† synchronous PM motor, and integrated power electronics redefines reliability and the system continues to maintain its high efficiency year after year

Outstanding energy efficiency reduces operating budgets and helps shrink facilities carbon footprint thanks to annual energy usage 30% less than screws and 50% less than conventional technologies

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