Base load power generation (Heat Source):

The heat load to run a tri-generation system is the waste heat of a base load  power generation system used for producing base load power in a commercial or industrial facility.

The waste heat can be captured from both the exhaust gas, and the water jacket heat.

Verdi-Sys Organic Rankine Cycle:

The Verdi-Sys ORC converts low grade heat from as low as 95 deg.C (203 deg.F) and turns that heat into useful electrical energy.

The ORC can best described as a chiller running backwards, but instead putting electricity into the chiller to create cooling,  with the ORC, you inject heat and create electrical power.

Turbocor driven chillers:

Verdicorp ORC systems have been designed to be coupled with Turbocor driven chillers, providing a combination of optimum performance, while allowing for total system operating flexibility.

The ORC continues to produces green electrical energy throughout the year, and as the cooling demand varies through the cooler months, the surplus electrical energy is able to offset operating costs of other portions of the plant.

Both the Turbocor driven chillers and the Verdi-Sys ORC’s operate with the same high speed, oil-free technology, so service and maintenance is simplified.

With thousands of Turbocor driven chillers in operation throughout the world, it makes sense to turn waste heat back into electrical energy, and then use that energy to power the best performing electrical chillers in the world with the best performing ORC’s, all based on the exact same technology .

High performance:

The Verdicorp range of expanders have frictionless operation, and because of their unique motor and power electronics technology, they are able to infinitely vary their capacity to ensure constant and accurate operation. The systems operate at their most optimal point, and automatically adjusts their operating speed to match the available heat.

When the cooling  demand in the building decreases, the excess electrical power from the ORC is fed back into the electrical grid so that the power it produces can be used to run other equipment in the building.

With its “Smart Control” and its integrated VFD, it allows the system to closely match the available heat, allowing for the optimal use of the energy, that would otherwise be wasted.

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