Verdicorp's Organic Rankine Cycle System:


The energy puzzle:

Renewable power generation is the key piece of the puzzle that had to be solved in order for countries around the world to get off the energy addiction that the current modern society has become accustomed to.

In order to meet the challenge, Verdicorp has developed a revolutionary power generation system that will help break this addiction. It is an oil-free, highly efficient Organic Rankine Cycle system, which converts a low grade heat source and turns it into electrical energy.

Organic Rankine Cycle Systems can best be described as a chiller running backward. Instead of using electrical energy to produce cooling, this system takes heat from a low grade heat source and turns it  into economical electrical energy. (400/480V-50/60Hz.). This power is then phase matched to meet the local electrical grids requirements.

Verdicorp utilizes the environmentally friendly refrigerant 245fa.

A variety of configurations:

These systems can be configured in either stand alone, mobile or modular configurations. Being factory built, these units are fully constructed and tested in a controlled environment, thus increasing quality and system integrity, while at the same time being manufactured at the lowest possible cost. 

Verdicorp offer a range of air-cooled, water-cooled and condenser-less models


Technology Platform:

The turbo generators operate at high efficiency, with synchronous frictionless high speed generators running on magnetic bearings. The systems integrated power electronics have been designed to deliver grid compatible power.

These generators are able to be coupled together in an Organic Rankine Cycle System in tandem without the disadvantage of oil and all of its complications. Maintenance becomes a lot simpler.

A variety of heat sources:

The Verdicorp ORC system has been designed to operate from heat sources such as bio-gas, solar thermal, geothermal, bio-mass, and industrial waste heat streams, and can operate with thermal oil, high pressure hot water or steam

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