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Sustainable Energy Efficiency:

Installing energy efficient equipment is very important to a waste water plant, however retaining that efficiency in a sustainable way is even more important. Conventional oil lubricated systems drop off in efficiency over time as parts start to wear. By contrast, Verdicorp's oil-free system, with magnetic bearings have no mechanical friction and efficiencies can be maintained over the entire life of the system.

Verdicorp’s world proven oil-free magnetic bearing, soft-starting,  synchronous PM motor, and integrated power electronics redefines reliability and the system continues to maintain its high efficiency year after year

Outstanding energy efficiency reduces operating budgets and helps shrink facilities carbon footprint thanks to annual energy usage 30% less than screws and 50% less than reciprocating blowers.


High performance:

The Verdicorp range of blowers have frictionless operation, and because of their unique motor and power electronics technology, and infinitely vary their capacity to ensure constant and accurate operation. The systems can deliver the exact amount of oxygen to the waste water, ensuring accurate control of your process

Instead of turning machines on an off, the Verdicorp tracks the oxygen demand and continues to provide exactly what you need at all times

With its “Smart Control” and its integrated VFD, it allows the system to slow down as the demand reduces and this ensures the blower operates at its most optimal point during the entire process, thus optimizing the overall systems efficiency

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