Improving bio-gas performance with Verdi-Sys:

Verdicorp now offers a range of high-efficient oil-free Organic Rankine Cycle Systems (ORC’s) that have been designed to work in conjunction with bio-gas and bio-mass plants. These ORC systems generate clean, green electrical power from waste heat  sources that are produced in bio-gas plants

With the onslaught of higher energy costs, carbon taxes, and the call for higher and higher efficient systems, Verdicorp’s ORC products accomplish both lower operating cost and high performance, increasing the overall efficiency of a bio-gas system, converting what is often lost to the environment, and increasing revenues for the bio-gas operator. 

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC):

Organic Rankine Cycle Systems can best be described as a chiller running backwards, instead of using electrical energy to produce cooling, this system takes heat from a low grade heat source and turns it  into economical electrical energy. (400/480V-50/60Hz.). This power is then phase matched to meet the local electrical grids requirements.

Solid technology base:

The heart of the Verdicorp ORC is the expander, and this expander is built on the well proven Turbocor platform of technologies, and with more than 30,000 such compressors operating throughout the world, this frictionless technology is proving itself daily as the most efficient high speed machine in the world.

Easy to maintain:

No oil service needs, no wear and tear on mechanical components, simple preventative maintenance.

Sustainable energy efficiency: 

Installing energy efficient equipment is very important to any Bio-gas plant, however retaining that efficiency in a sustainable way is even more important. Conventional oil lubricated systems drop off in efficiency over time as parts start to wear. But the Verdi-Sys with no friction can maintain its efficiency over the entire life of the system

 This combination of Verdi-Sys oil-free ORC technology and bio-gas generators improves the overall return on investment, and offers energy efficiencies never seen before.

When thinking bio-gas, consider capital costs, operating costs and service efficiency,  as life cycle costs. Adding Verdi-Sys to a bio-gas plant returns a higher yield from the fuel source, improving the overall return on investment.

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