About Us

The Company -

Verdicorp is an innovation company formed in 2009 by Ron Conry, founder of several successful companies that have been built on his industry changing inventions. Mr.Conry’s  products and technologies have revolutionized the HVAC industry by allowing more cost effective systems that are easier to install, operate and service.

Mr. Conry brings with him the team of world class engineers who were key to the development of these successful, market proven technologies. (see www.turbocor.com & www.multistack.com )

The Verdicorp team consists of talented lateral thinkers who take a fresh approach to problem solving and develop holistic solutions that often change the technology and industry paradigm.

These technologies, used in oil-free compressors and modular chillers, include Digital Magnetic Bearings, Synchronous, High-speed  P.M. Motors, Power Electronics, Digital Controls, Position Sensors, DC/DC Conversion and Compact, Efficient Heat Exchangers.

History -

Mr. Conry’s inventions go back to the 1960’s and since then he has established several successful businesses based on the game changing technologies he and his team developed.

Among these was the Multistack Modular Chiller, for which he established manufacturing plants on five continents.

More recently, the Danfoss Turbocor Oil-Free Compressor developed by the team has more than 30,000 units running in over 40 countries worldwide.



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